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From You
From: Mantis444

From: Caleb

I watched her walking down the aisle
With every glance, she makes me smile
She is greatest friend I could ask for
She's all I want and nothing more
She is my heart's every wish come true
From the moment I saw her, that's when I knew
I knew I loved and her would always care
And that if love were money, I wouldn't need to be on the show, because
I'd already be a millionaire

From: Luz Lopez

"My Friends"
Friends share secrets(friends don't tell.)
Friends share good times(and bad, as well.)
Friends share things with one another.
That's because they like each other.
Of all the things there are,
friends are the very best by far.

"Our Beginning"
I keep recalling
how life used to be.
Now and then I wonder,
"Have we changed?"
With your hand in mine,
oh,the moments shine.
Like the pictures in a storybook,
we will turn the pages---
sharing pieces of the memories.
I care for you now,
as I did at our beginning.

"Forever Young"
Hello, old friend,
it's good to be with you.
Time is standing still.
Our love shines true and bright---it always will.
My wishing star has guided all you do.
My empty heart you fill,
and we still feel forever young.

Looking back, we're just the same
as we were when we began.
This love will keep protecting us.
Reach for me, and I'll take your hand.

When we're apart, just close your eyes
and you'll see me waitinig there.
You can always count on me;
I will always care.

My special friend, inside my heart you'll stay.
You'll be with me until the sun shine through the
night---it never will.
My little star, you'll never fade away.
The hands of time are still,
and we'll be forever young.

Hello to you,
it's nice to see your smile.
Step up and take my hand.
One touch, and we'll be friends forever.
Hello, old friend,
it's good to see you, too.
Time is standing still.
Oh, we'll be forever young.

From: ? (Gomen! (I'm sorry!) I lost your name and e-mail. I'll look in my files again.)

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